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Hendra Bunyamin
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Hendra Bunyamin

My name is Hendra Bunyamin. I am a Lecturer at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung Indonesia. My interests are Machine Learning and its Applications. This web page is currently under maintenance. Therefore, Maranatha Christian University has created a more formal resume about me. You can check it on here.

Courses I taught

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  • Bunyamin, H., Tunys, T. (2016) A Comparison of Retweet Prediction Approaches: The Superiority of Random Forest Learning Method. (pdf)(bib)

  • Bunyamin, H., Kandaga, T., dan Yulianti, D.T. (2013) Sentiment Classification Menggunakan Machine Learning: Metode Naive-Bayes dan Support Vector Machines (Studi Kasus: Movie Reviews Seminar Teknologi Informasi dan Sistem Informasi 2013 (SETISI 2013) (full research report). (pdf)

  • Bunyamin, H., Mandala, R. (2005) Information Retrieval System dengan Metode Latent Semantic Indexing. Master Thesis. (pdf)

Problems and Solutions

Machine Learning Problems from CS570 Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) Spring 2011

  1. Support Vector Machines

  2. Clustering & Image Segmentation using K-means clustering algorithm and EM algorithm

  3. Multilayer Perceptrons also known as Artificial Neural Networks

  4. Dimensionality Reduction by applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Linear Discriminant Analysis ( LDA )

  5. Polynomial Regression

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